Divorce and Lifestyle Coaching

Kathryn Mitchem

Kathryn Mitchem

Are you going through a really tough time and feeling overwhelmed with the racing thoughts and overwhelming emotions you are experiencing?

Struggling with a major life transition like divorce or midlife crisis? Wondering how you will ever get through this and move on with your life? Wanting to find more meaning and balance in work and home and feel more alive and present, not just going through the motions like a zombie, pretending everything is ok when underneath, it sucks?

We are all looking for happiness. We spend years and years trying to manipulate our life situations and “achieve” happiness, just to fall back into the same sense of unfulfillment and pain. What if you could learn lifestyle tools that would support you to make lasting change at every level of your life in as little as 10 minutes a day... in your home life, work, relationships, money, and living your life purpose?

As a Yoga and Meditation Instructor tuned Satori Lifestyle Coach, Kathryn Mitchem offers one one one and, online and group coaching programs that incorporate Yoga, Meditation and Radical Gratitude to support you from the inside out, in the most challenging times, to create impactful and lasting change.


The word "Satori" is a Zen Japanese word that describes the instant awakening that occurs when the body, mind, heart and spirit are in their natural state of balance and harmony.


No Mud, No Lotus.
— Thich Naht Hanh

The lotus flower only grows out of the mud.  As we go through the crises of our lives (did you know the root "crisis" means "to sift"?), we can let go of what no longer serves us so that we can grow. Inside of the mud are the nutrients that we, just like the lotus, need to learn from to become our strong and beautiful selves , growing out of the muck and towards the light.  


I have been where you are and have experienced firsthand the power of these simple, yet profound tools and practices and have not only rebuilt my life after a VERY difficult divorce but have witnessed hundreds of clients' lives transformed through these programs of radical self-love. The only way out, is through and you are NOT alone...you WILL get through this.” ~ Kathryn


Are you ready to sift through the mud and transform the way you feel, think, and believe about yourself?  If the answer is yes,  then let's get started.