25 Minutes to Bliss~A guided Relaxation Meditation with Kathryn

Do you ever hear the term “self-love” and wonder how to actually do it?  Are you going through a tough transition and looking for ways to survive the difficult emotions, heal and move on into your next phase of life?

This 25 minute guided relaxation practice is the perfect tool for surviving and thriving through difficult times with the practice of self-love on all levels.  

After practicing and teaching yoga and meditation to hundreds of students of all walks of life for over 15 years, I’ve found that the most effective way to lasting peace is to commit to a practice that balances the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

This 25 minute guided practice can support you to:

  • Reduce muscular tension and stress induced pain

  • Allow your body to truly rest and renew vitality through your body

  • Reduce fatigue and exhaustion and truly rest..equivalent to a 3-hour nap!

  • Develop a lovingkindness towards yourself

  • Eliminate anxiety and fear about the future

  • Increase your sense of well-being, confidence and connection to intuition.

  • Feel more heart centered and loveable, no matter what the outer circumstance

You can enjoy this healing guided journey any time of the day.  Just log off, lay down and enjoy the benefits of calm and clarity from just 25 minutes dedicated to YOU.