Know yourself and you will win all battles.
— Lao Tzu

Executive Transitions Coaching | Corporate Programs 

Programs are customized to your needs and include:

  • 1 on 1, 16-week Satori Transitions Coaching with Kathryn. Includes 1-hour weekly calls and unlimited support through email.
  • 1-4 hour On-site "The Worry Detox" Wellness Seminars.
  • "10 Minutes to Bliss" Corporate Mindfulness Breakout Sessions

The tools are appropriate for every level, from the executive who has never tried Yoga to a lifelong practitioner. Depending on which level of support you choose, programs include a guidebook, onsite group classes, online mind/body videos, and instructional and inspirational emails for ongoing support.

Through your customized coaching and learning sessions, you will gain lifelong tools to:

  • Significantly reduce stress
  • Increase energy
  • Heighten performance
  • Inspire creativity
  • Sharpen the mind
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Lower healthcare costs
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Improve overall health
  • Create more joyful, abundant and satisfying life

One-On-One Executive Transitions Coaching

Have you or one of your employees recently found yourself in the midst of a challenging transition?

Do you sometimes feel blocked in achieving your goals due to recent life transition that has occurred like the birth of a new baby, loss of a loved one, relocation or other personal and family challenges?

Do you yearn to increase your creativity, charisma, and leadership abilities from the inside out?

Does constant stress interfere with your ability to recharge, draining your energy and enthusiasm?

Envision an entirely new possibility for your role as a leader. As an Executive Transitions Coach, I live to help you remove the blocks of stress, worry, fear and doubt that arise as your work/life balance becomes more challenging, so that you can attain your goals and truly enjoy the rewards you have earned. 

Drawing on techniques from over 20 years as a mind/body expert, the Satori Lifestyle program, my work with hundreds of clients in transition, and personal experience of being an entrepreneur, I will help you learn proven ways to become a better leader by identifying core beliefs, create clarity, set intentions, eliminate blocks, balance and strengthen your body, mind, heart, and spirit. 

Satori provides a safe environment for exploring core beliefs around money, relationships, self-worth, health and well-being, among others. It gives you the tools to set up a daily practice to manage your physical and mental energy productively, break old patterns and release blocked energy that may be keeping you stuck in past experiences or afraid of future uncertainty.

“10 Minutes to Bliss” Corporate Mindfulness Breakout Sessions

Satori is a Zen Japanese word for the instant awakening that occurs when the body, mind, heart and spirit are in their natural state of balance and harmony. In this state, we are more alert, energized, creative and peaceful.

In 10-minute segments for breakout sessions, participants will experience all-levels mind/body mindfulness techniques including

  • Seated and active breathwork

  • Yoga postures

  • Mindfulness meditations

  • Guided visualizations and affirmations

"The Worry Detox" Corporate Learning Sessions

This 4-step process teaches participants tools and techniques to identify, release, replace and learn how to be free from the habit of worry that stands in the way of productive relationships, progress and performance at work. 1-4 hour "Introduction to The Worry Detox" learning sessions with Kathryn are available onsite or via video conferencing.

Each participant receives access to the follow up 28-day mind-body based program via email to learn tools and techniques for not only detoxing worry from their work life right away, but keeping it away for good. This 4-part, 4-week process includes:

  • Awareness: Becoming self-aware of the toxic and habitual worries that subconsciously are running our lives.

  • Clearing: Letting go of tensions in the body and mind that are at the root of drama and stress.

  • Reprogramming: Refocusing time and energy spent on worrying to create a new approach and a new reality.

  • Surrender: Choosing acceptance and radical gratitude to get the lessons from the fear so that worry can be cleared detoxed for good!  



Just a few years after graduating from college, Kathryn Mitchem knew she wanted to make a shift from pursuing a more traditional career and follow her growing passion for yoga. She also had a strong desire to find a way to bring the sense of well-being achieved with yoga off the mat and into daily life. Through travels, time with Master Teachers, and graduate studies in East/West Psychology, she began her evolution as a yoga and meditation instructor and became a Certified Yoga Therapist. She then went on to train yoga Instructors while developing individual and group coaching programs for corporate clients as well as students from all walks of life.

Kathryn grew up in St. Louis, MO, graduated with a B.S. in Psychology from Miami University and is a Certified Satori Lifestyle Coach. She loves living a healthy and active life and being a mom to her 3 fabulously dynamic children while running  her mind/body wellness businesses. She has been featured in the Denver Post and and on Wellness television spots in St. Louis and Nashville and is recognized as a dynamic facilitator for audiences of all sizes.

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