Last year, I was fortunate enough to connect with hundreds of people struggling with finding balance through transitions, whether at work or at home.

Thousands all over the world tuned in to watch videos and read articles, participate in my online courses, and coach one on one with me.


The one problem most, if not all, of my audience experiences is lack of knowledge about how to make a plan to move through this phase of their lives and into the next.

Reading books, listening to podcasts, going to Yoga all help, but almost everyone I’ve met or who has reached out to me is searching for a fully supportive strategy to move through it, and on with it.

So, after months of deliberation, I decided to open my library of online products to people, saving you hundreds of dollars, as well as opening my group coaching calls to a much bigger audience, at a fraction of the cost, saving you thousands of dollars.

So, if you want me as your mentor this year, I’m opening up my vault and offering you ONGOING monthly support in the form of unique content and deep discounts on 1-on-1 coaching.

Welcome to ProjectTRUST.

Why the name? Trust is the state we “land” in when fear/worry/anxiety/doubt are no longer running the show. It is our natural state, and when we connect to this state on an ongoing and regular basis, we find that the transitions that we face in our lives, big or small, are no longer so difficult.

It also helps with our overall health and wellbeing to be in this state of trust each day, as we approach relationships, parenting, our careers and our health from a place of balance and wholeness rather than lack and fear.

The 10 Minute downloadable mind/body Audio and Video Practices include Yoga, Meditation, Journaling will keep you on track and focused as you navigate your way through all of life's transitions, big and small.


Basic Membership

  • (1) 10-minute downloadable Mind/Body Practice each month
  • Ebook download “No Mud/No Lotus"
  • Guided Tension Release Meditations
  • Access to Closed Facebook Group
  • 30 minute strategy call

Plus Membership
$17/mo ($250 +/month value)

  • Everything in the Basic Membership PLUS
  • Monthly focus with 4, monthly downloadable 10-minute practices ($100)
  • ½ off Unlimited 1-on-1 sessions ($1200+)
  • Listen in on group coaching ($600+)
  • Private Facebook group  ($600+)
  • Stuck in the Muck ($97)
  • The Worry Detox ($97)

Premium Membership
$37/mo ($425 +/month value)

  • Everything in Plus Membership PLUS…
  • Themed full 1-hour Satori Practice ($27)
  • 4 full sessions/year ($800)
  • Participation in Bi-Weekly group coaching calls ($1200)

Premium Membership (Divorce Relief)
$47/month ($500 +/month value)

  • Everything in Premium Membership PLUS
  • Divorce 9-1-1 4-module Video Course ($397)
  • Private Facebook group, ongoing support before, during and after divorce ($600 +)

Who is Kathryn Mitchem?

Kathryn Mitchem is a Mind-Body Transition Expert and Coach, Momtrepreneur, Seeker and Teacher .

She works one on one, in groups, and through a variety of online programs with women facing tough transitions such as divorce, career change, health challenges and other midlife messes, to discover how to manage and navigate through the difficult emotions and worry that come along with unexpected change and crisis.

Kathryn teaches lifestyle tools from Yoga and Meditation that can be done in ten minutes or less to help cope with the extreme stress and uncertainty that these changes bring, resulting in the ability to see more clearly what the next step is in the process, and to move forward with a sense of trust, confidence and power.