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"Stuck in the Muck" E-COURSE:
Surviving and Thriving through mid-life crisis

Do you feel trapped in a corner in your life and feel like you have no options?  Due to existing personal commitments, it often isn’t easy to self-resolve the conflict you have and it can feel hopeless, like there is no way out.    
Doing nothing is to let midlife crisis dictate what happens to you.  Are you ready to find the answers to make this process more graceful?


"Divorce 9-1-1" E-COURSE

Are you overwhelmed by the stress of your divorce?

Wondering how you are ever going to make it through this tough part and move on?

Not sure what your future will look like and full of fear?

This 4-module course will help you survive the most stressful and difficult times of your divorce, those times when you feel like nothing else is working and you need immediate relief from the pain and struggle you are experiencing.


"No Mud, No Lotus: Tools for Transitions" ebook

Would you like to:

  • Have instant relief from the stress of a big life transition?
  • Shift your mindset from being a victim of circumstances to a victory? 
  • Create an inner, unshakeable support system to survive your difficult time? 
  • Gain lifelong tools to thrive in the next chapter of your life? 

5 Minute Tension Release Meditation-MP3

Want to feel the benefits from a one hour yoga session but don’t have time to get to class? Not sure how to let go of negative emotions like anger, frustration, sadness and anxiety and move through and on from tough transitions?

In this 5 minute guided meditation, Kathryn gives you a simple tool for releasing tension and stress from the body, mind and heart so you can connect to a greater sense of peace and purpose.  Use it every day for decreased stress and increased clarity and energy.


"25 Minutes to BlisS" MP3:
A guided Relaxation Meditation

Do you ever hear the term “self-love” and wonder how to actually do it?  Are you going through a tough transition and looking for ways to survive the difficult emotions, heal and move on into your next phase of life?