Kathryn is an energetic and engaging speaker for groups of all sizes.  Through storytelling, teaching and relating to the group’s challenges, she connects, uplifts and inspires new ways of thinking and being during times of stress and transition.

The 5-15 minute practices that accompany each of the programs bring instant relief to the discomfort of change and are designed to fit into even the busiest person’s schedule.

The tools are appropriate for every level, from the executive who has never tried Yoga to a longtime practitioner.

Through your group’s customized 1-4 hour presentation, they will gain lifelong tools and teachings to:

  • Significantly reduce stress

  • Increase energy

  • Heighten performance

  • Inspire creativity

  • Sharpen the mind

  • Improve overall health

  • Create more joyful, abundant and satisfying life 

“10 Minutes To Bliss: How to Truly Live a Mindful and Stress-free Every Day Life”

What if you could bring the peace and joy off of your yoga mat and meditation cushion and into your everyday life?  It can be easy to feel peaceful and carefree after taking yoga class or while on retreat, but as soon as we get back to our “real lives” with the demands of family, relationship, career and managing the day to day responsibilities, this feeling dissipates and we are left back in autopilot, reacting from worry and fear, rather than responding from our natural state of balance and well being.

In this talk, Kathryn presents tools, techniques and subtle shifts of perceptions that can bring the sense of physical balance, mental wholeness, emotional harmony and spiritual freedom out of the yoga studio and into everyday life.

“No Mud, No Lotus~Tools for Survive Tough Transitions and Thrive into the next Phase”

Do you ever wonder how you are going to get through a really tough time like divorce, loss, career change, or health crisis for or someone you love?  Or maybe just wondering “Is this all there is?” and thinking “Why AM I here? There’s GOT to be more than this!”?

Just like the lotus that can only grow and blossom out of the mud, life’s biggest struggles can become our greatest opportunities for personal growth.

We all face challenges throughout our lives and question our strength and ability to move forward despite the curveballs that life has thrown our way.  In this talk, Kathryn presents the audience with supportive tools, techniques and subtle, yet powerful, shifts in perspective that can help turn times of chaos and struggle into the greatest teachers.