Sometimes when things are falling apart they may actually be falling into place.
— Unknown

Are you ready to work with me?

Have you had a big or painful transition in your life recently?  Are you feeling lifeless, stuck and overwhelmed with life as it is now? Are you ready to break free and get through this part and move on faster, stronger and more clear about your path?

Transitions are times of questioning our true identity (our Fear-based modalities of living) and developing the ability to make choices from a place of confidence and trust (choosing the next step based on Love).

Some common signs of tough transitions include:

  • Panic about health issues and a deep desire to create and maintain physical well-being

  • Wondering “is this all there is?” and “who am I anymore?”

  • Having a feeling that you can no longer put off your happiness any longer

  • Desire to quit a good job

  • Unexplained bouts of depression

  • A desire to escape or surround yourself with different settings

The Buddha said that “pain in life is inevitable but suffering is optional”... let me show you how to move through this time with more clarity and direction and get to your next phase sooner.

Let’s face it, life is difficult but working with me helps you move through challenging times with ease and confidence. Satori Coaching is the best investment you can make into yourself... You will see changes in every area of your life including in your career and most significant relationships when you begin to cherish and value your own well-being and inner guidance.

The need for outside help diminishes saving you a great deal of time and money no longer seeking answers and support from outside sources. You will learn lifelong tools to not only feel better now, but know how to deal with all of the ups and downs that come your way into the future.

Stuck in the Muck~ Surviving and Thriving through Mid-Life Crisis
(1 module course)


Do you feel trapped in a corner in your life and feel like you have no options?  Due to existing personal commitments, it often isn’t easy to self-resolve the conflict you have and it can feel hopeless, like there is no way out.    

Doing nothing is to let midlife crisis dictate what happens to you.  Are you ready to find the answers to make this process more graceful?

A midlife crisis is actually the attempt to restart life to better fit your true heart desires.  In other words, it’s the time of life when  the universe grabs you by the shoulders and says “Wake up!  You’ve been choosing fear over love and it’s not working any more!”.

It’s actually a very natural biological and psychological process of life...that is, it’s part of being human! What if you could stop resisting this process and invite it in as a wonderful learning experience to guide you to your next phase in life?

Many times we try to improve our lives without really understanding WHY we are feeling and acting the way we are.  This 90 minute video course with accompanying materials will give you the foundational tools for examining the unhealthy thoughts, emotions and beliefs that need to be lovingly released so that you can sail into the next phase of your life from a place of balance, harmony, acceptance and trust...aka live a heart-centered, fulfilling and authentic life based on love rather than fear.

The good news is that there are simple tools that I’ve learned and taught over the last 15 years of studying with master yoga, meditation and tantra teachers, and being an advanced teacher and certified Yoga Therapist and Satori Lifestyle Coach, helping people just like you to get through this time of chaos.  

This 90-minute one module course contains:

  • Video coaching session with Kathryn with tools and teachings to bring you relief immediately.
  • 4 video follow-along all-level mind-body routines that you will practice throughout the week to bring the body, mind and emotions to a state of harmony and balance.
  • Journaling exercises to create self-awareness and greater clarity and heart centered guidance to take you from stuck to moving forward with confidence.
  • Lifetime access to video and written material.
  • One 30-minute follow up personalized strategy call with Kathryn upon completion.


Benefits include:

  • Greater physical energy and well-being.
  • Mental clarity and ability to change your negative thoughts and make decisions about your situation and your future from a place of wholeness.
  • Ability to face and work with even the most difficult emotions that arise.
  • Emotional harmony through forgiveness leading to positive relationships with self and others.
  • Freedom from fear and ability to find trust and inner guidance so you can move forward into the next chapter of your new life.

How it works

Upon registration you will receive a username and password to access your course content for the Introduction and Learning Module. Upon completion, course materials and all updates to material will be available to you indefinitely.

9-1-1 Tough Transitions Coaching Description

Are you needing immediate relief and a personalized short and/or long term strategy to move through this confusing and difficult time of upheaval?  9-1-1 Coaching with Kathryn is a personalized immersion into powerful tools that you can immediately apply to survive the stress associated with your tough transitions, whether at work or at home, and create short and long term strategies to transition sooner and with clarity and purpose into the next phase of your journey.

The 4 or 8 hour immersion days can be done over the phone, Skype or in person in your location or in Evergreen. Colorado (additional travel and lodging fees will apply).  

1-2 follow-up long distance coaching sessions are included in this package

8 or 16 week Transitions Coaching with Kathryn

Based on the Satori Lifestyle Coaching method, you will transform a mid-life crisis into a mid-life opportunity.  In a supportive, 1-on-1 coaching program through phone and Skype, you will gain lifelong tools to:

  • Develop a loving relationship with your body and release  tensions stored in your cells through Breathwork and Yoga and all-levels mind/body techniques that take just 10 minutes a day.

  • Reprogram old thoughts and beliefs about what is possible and what you deserve.

  • Allow difficult emotions to become your guide, rather than your enemy.

  • Release fear of change and listen to your inner guidance to take the next steps into becoming more of who you truly are, and who you are meant to be.

  • Master the difficult emotions that come with endings, learning what old beliefs no longer serve you and move forward into your new life and relationships with a sense of wholeness, not brokenness.

  • Tap into your creative energy to imagine, create and manifest your new life while letting go of the limiting self-talk and beliefs that kept you stuck in your old patterns and relationships.

Get started today and share your story and get more information on how Transitions Coaching can help transform a difficult, confusing, and lonely time into the opportunity of your lifetime.



Working with Kathryn was transforming! It’s kind of hard to put this transformation into words as we covered so much ground and so much depth through our coaching sessions.

Kathryn was masterful at using the Satori process to help me identify the patterns that were causing tremendous stress in my life. Whether caused by work relationships and situations, or family and friends, I found new ways to explore and dissolve so many barriers to communicating truthfully and from the heart.

I will be forever grateful for the way she helped me stop, listen, and explore what was really happening while providing gentle guidance in staying centered, harmonious, and reacting from truth. I’ve never met anyone who is so full of love, light, and kindness. Kathryn embodies the Satori lifestyle and blending that with her uncanny ability to be in the moment, she really allowed me to use just about any situation as a growing and healing opportunity.

If you find yourself wanting to strengthen your ability to handle challenges in life while also honoring your truth, or wanting to stay present and calm in the midst of a world that is anything but... I highly recommend working with Kathryn! I’ve just begun on this journey of support with her and I’m forever grateful – thank you Kathryn!
— Taffie Lewis